木更津市国際交流協会(KIFA)で、いろいろな国の方と交流しませんか。                               ホームページ内の写真の無断転用、転載及び複製等の行為はご遠慮ください。  

Foreign Language Exchange Division

Foreign Language Exchange Division

Tour Guide Training on Nov. 14, 27


The tour guiding training in English at Yokohama, the second largest in Japan and historic city for the opening port in 19C., was completed.
The participants performed their own guiding speech in 3 min. for each spot before the professional interpreter who gave the instructive advices.


photos; The Yokohama City Opening Port Memorial Hall

KIFA English class on September 25

テ ー マ:From the current news〜UFO sightings, and more

September English session was held with 8 participants on Zoom, due to the extension of state of emergency.
The instructor brought up 3 topics which materials were sent to each participant beforehand. The topis were ”Climate Change”, "Food Waste" and "UFO Sightings".
We enjoyed learning and discussing each topic. The instructor has taught English in Kisarazu, Kimitsu and Futtsu area for about a half century. His talk and advice backed up with experience were meaningful. We had a great time.

KIFA English class on July 31

Theme: Sport


First, the lecturer encouraged us to introduce ourselves in English.
Then we were chatting for a while about the theme ’Sports’ including participants’ personal experiences.
During the lesson, each group had a friendly and enjoyable conversation.
Eventually we came to have a nice group discussion.
I look forward to the next one.

KIFA English Yoga class on June 27


It's not over yet, although it will be difficult for us to go out anywhere for a long time.
Today we enjoyed yoga in English.
We were able to refresh ourselves by focusing our minds and bodies on the relaxed movements with our breathing coming down and maintain a good balance.
Through yoga, I reconfirmed that it was very important to work on my body and recharged my batteries.
In addition, it has a detoxifying effect.
Beautiful positive peaceful Energy to fill our body with good vibrations.
Focusing on the fundamentals of yoga, it's perfect for anyone.
And in New Zealand some of the top rugby players do yoga. Apparently it is very good for flexibility and injury prevention.

KIFA English class on May 15

Theme:Creative DIY

The participants were relaxed and had lively and talkatively time for in their home.
Our Italian lecturer considers art for a renovation. He showed many photos and talked with a lot of ideas. His lecture was easy to understand with many photos. And some of participants spoke their experiences of DIY.
For Zoom we could see other participant’s expression. We enjoyed this zoom lecture much. Please join us next time.

KIFA English class on April 25

Theme: New Normal with COVID-19

Welcome to the Foreign Language Exchange Division (FLED)

As you can see in the photo above, we have held an online debate about COVID-19 and the 'New Normal'. Utilizing the internet enables us to hold meetings even during the Coronavirus pandemic. FLED can assure you that we are able to provide you with online discussions and lectures, regardless of the rate of infections, thus ensuring your safe participation. So, we welcome you to join our division and are eagerly waiting for you to sign up as a member of FLED.

KIFA English class on March 28

Theme: Global Warming
Global Warming

Communication among participants are very smooth and everyone spoke confidently. The teacher warmly encouraged and motivated the members to share their thoughts.

Global warming
No.13 in SDG's efforts
It is located as a concrete measure against climate change.
What is actually happening in the world
Easy to understand from the instructor's perspective of the world
We were taught.
What we can do on a daily basis
We shared each. It was full of ideas such as saving with recycled products, effectively raising the body temperature by stretching itself without relying on home appliances, switching to solar light, and reviewing the summer fan.
Take this opportunity to recycle
Let's do various things that are good for the global environment.

KIFA English Yoga class on Dec. 22, 2020


First is introduction of the teacher and then a short introduction from each member.
A person who does yoga is called yogi or yogini for teacher tell us and Three more important balances in yoga we learned the points of breathing, mind, and body.
Calm your mind and focus on your body I will adjust my breathing to the movement.
Pay attention to the nerves of your hands ,feet and loosen body muscles Care that incorporates massage and touches.
Warms from the inside of the body also taught me the relaxing effect.

KIFA English class on Nov. 14, 2020

Theme : News, culture, love and technology

The lecturer is from State of Newyork.
He has lived in Kisarazu for 40 years or more, and now runninng an English conversation school with the longest history there.
He talked about his first impression of Japan and different culture from America very humorously.
His talking made participants enjoy highly. And then he pointed out easily mistaken expression in English.
He taught them that important ways to improve English skills are not only memorizing words but also doing ”Questions and Answer”.
They were unconscious of the passage of time. 

KIFA English class on Oct. 24, 2020

Theme : mountains

The lecturer is from Germany.
He talked about his experience of trekking through the Himalaya mountains in Napal including local cuisines and costoms.
The chief attraction of this class was photos he took.
Many pictures of beautiful mountains against background of bleu sky including glacier and steep cliffs were showed .
Participants were fascinated by incredible spectacle.

KIFA English Yoga class on Oct. 4, 2020


Our instructor had a professional yoga training from Hawaii.
18 people participated in the event. It was held in Naikou park in Kisarazu.
The weather was in favor of us.
The park venue has a view of Kisarazu’s symbol, the Red Bridge.
She taught us different yoga vocabularies in English such as body parts and varieties of yoga poses.
We learnt special Hawaii yoga poses and terms like the Tokage pose or the “gecko pose” and the volcano pose. Hawaii is popular for its volcanoes and the animals that live around it.
It was a wonderful yoga experience.

KIFA English class on Sep. 13, 2020

Theme: What women should be

How wonderful it was that everyone in the class had the opportunity to speak out! Thanks to our lecturer’s nice guidance, the participants came to the conclusion after lively discussion.

KIFA English class on Aug. 29, 2020

Theme: ballet

She, who used be a ballet dancer in New York city and a dancer at Tokyo Disneyland, talked about her career as a ballet dancer.
She is very cheerful and positive. Her ambition encouraged me to ask questions in English.
She is pregnant now and her new life will go on. I'm looking forward to her future. Maybe my future, too?
The show must go on.

KIFA English class on August 22, 2020

Theme:Small talk about love, media and tech, food and dining, shopping & money, feelings

First our lecturer explained various phrases important to start conversations with English speaking strangers in a natural way. Then he led us to jump into the conversation using roll playing games, which was a big fun. If only we had more time to keep on talking.

KIFA English Class for beginners on Feb. 8, 2020

Theme:Strategy for communication

 The instractor‘s lecture "5 rings of importance for communication" made them enjoyable and encouraged them to try to speak English.(5 rings mean eye‐contac, gesture, relax, smile and what you think best.)
 Everybody enjoyed English conversation exercise using cards, self-introduction of each group and talking about what they want.
 All participants were unconscious of the passage of time.

KIFA English class on Jan. 11, 2020


The lecturer is from Kenya.
She introduced us her home country with many photos.
Floriculture,foods,coffee farming,Mt.Kilimanjaro,Lake Victoria,wild animals...
We were fascinated by its culture and its nature.

KIFA English class on October 19

Theme:Fun Philosophy for Beginners

The term "philosophy" means "love of wisdom".
The lecturer explained "philosophy" showing several examples.
He took time explaining Paradox,Ethics,and Logic.
 Ethics (moral philosophy right and wrong)
 Logic (the study of reasoning and argument)
Although most of the participants were not familiar to "philosophy" and thought it difficult to understand,many of them were impressed with his
"Philosophy=How to think clearly,independently".

KIFA English class on September 21

Theme: Youtuber

None of 19 participates have up-loaded Youtube.
After lecturing how to upload and make video tape, the lecturer actually made a mock tape of «Tokyo 2020» with photoes of some members taken in the room .
It was fun to watch a Youtube style tape improvised on the spot.

KIFA English class for Kids on July 18 & 19


14 elementary students enjoyed two day English classes.
Teachers (a Canadian and a Filipina ) were so friendly and comunicative that kids seemed to be at ease soon. They sang songs, played games in English and learned basic English in good atmosphere.

KIFA English class on June 30


It was a new challenge for us to hold an English lecture with fall-prevention exercise.
Even though I was uncertain about the result, the lecture has successfully finished and has received a lot of good feedback.
Our lecturer gave us a useful explanation followed by some appropriate questions so we could easily imagine what was important to prevent falling down in our daily life.
I hope our participants will prevent falls for good.

KIFA English class on May 26


Delicious food makes us happy! We spent a wonderful two hours feeling so happy with popular American appetizers and our lovely chef.
I suppose our lecturer is a really nice home cook. His cooking process was well organized, so we could easily follow him. Moreover, the dishes were not only delicious but suitable for a party, as they looked gorgeous.
At the end of the lecture, I realized that we even forgot to take a break. Of course, nobody complained.
Thank you for sharing such a great time with us.

KIFA English class on March 10

Theme : Autonomy-Freedom from control, make a decision on your own

Our discussion successfully finished.
I suppose that most of the participants expected a challenging lesson because of the theme ‘Autonomy ‘.
However, our lecturer led the discussion nicely, giving us appropriate examples.
We had an opportunity to discuss the unfamiliar but valuable topic in English.
It was an intense brainstorming session.

KIFA English class on Dec. 8


The lecture started with some examples of great people who made their dreams come true.
Then our lecturer developed the topic from the first step of "Dream" to the last one, which was "Self Actualization."
She asked us many questions to bring out an appropriate answer, so everyone jumped into the discussion.
If only we had more time to get a mutual conclusion, we could have derived further pleasure from the study.

KIFA English class on Sep. 30

Theme:Regret and Gratitude
Regret and Gratitude

Heavy rain due to the typhoon stopped for a while, we luckily proceeded with the lecture without any inconvenience.
Even though the theme for the lecture ‘Regret and Gratitude‘ seemed difficult, the lecturer developed each step well, picking up daily examples to help us to understand the points easily.
Then I realized, the lecturer and participants were working hard on the theme together, as in group work. She asked appropriate questions so that all the participants engaged in the lecture.
Now I suppose that many of us feel a real affinity with our friendly lecturer.

KIFA English class on Aug. 26

Theme:Malaysiaー Diversely Unified

The Malaysian scholarship student at Kisarazu Techno College gave his story about the history and the background of Malaysia as a multicultural county.
Actually to us, those who live in such a homogeneous society like Japan, it was valuable for knowing crosscultural communication(tolerance, etc.) by listening to his story.
We wish his great success in future!

KIFA English class for Kids on July 24 & 25


The annual event shown the right pictures was also held this Summer by help of the two English instructors from ALT, which is said to have been conducted for 18 years. As usual the two young English instructors were attending the children who want to learn English by means of using materials, such as cards with pictures drown on them, some balls and so on.
With the use of these materials, their aim is to attract children’s attention, that is, they don’t get bored and feel like playing the games, while learning English.
They are sure this method helps the children to develop or improve their faculty for English more and more. They are enjoying learning English as if they were playing the games.
Our program hopes it will lead to their intention to learn English continuously.
Also, with English education of an earlier age by the encouragement of the Ministry of Education, it will come soon when English is one of the compulsory subjects from the grade 5th in the elementary school. So the number of children who attend this class will increase. We are looking forward to taking more part in this program than ever.

KIFA English class on May 27

Theme: Mexico

The lecturer was an international student of Chiba University from northern Mexico.
In the first half of the lecture he taught us about the history of Mexico in plain English from the Mayan civilization era before Spain rule, the Spanish rule era, and the revolution to the present.
In the second half, the lecture was advanced in response to a wide range of questions from many participants including President Trump' s Mexican border wall, Maya where chocolate originated, Tequila, Tacos, Mexican music, Mexican racial makeup .
I can't believe that two hours passed by so quickly. Time sure flies.

KIFA English class on March. 11

Theme:Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The lecture started with her self introduction, then she talked about her story so far, including the background that led her to study abroad. She spoke in fluent English like a native speaker throughout the lecture.
It was a brilliant success story of a young lady, who takes an active role in her present position as a business person, using not only language skills but political and economic knowledge from experiences acquired by studying abroad.
The lecture was so impressive that many people in the audience asked her one after another how she achieved such a great work.
Among many people who went to study abroad, she seems to be one who has returned to her hometown in glory.
I really recommend that young people listen to this kind of lecture.

KIFA English Class for beginners on Feb. 17, 2018

Beginners 2018

The class was so exciting and fun as always.
Our teacher is a great unique performer.
Some advanced members always join this class and the teacher handled all learners very well in teaching us.
Everyone really wants level-up more than now.
We were able to converse with each other in English.

KIFA English class on Dec. 9

Theme:My Country Nigeria


Having a Nigerian lecturer, twenty-two participants had a precious time to know more about Nigeria. The pleasant young man talked about many kinds of his country like foods, languages, natural resources and his big family of 37 members in polygamy. Later he received a lot of questions about the last topic and politely answered them. His eager explanation successfully helped us to feel closer with Nigeria.

KIFA English class on Oct. 22

Theme: Autism


In rough weather because of approaching typhoon, a lecture on AUTISM was presented by a pleasant young man who is an ALT and a special support education master from the Philippines. On the character of the theme , many difficult technical terms were used. But thanks to his lucid and eager explanation, we could understand a lot about AUTISM. We learned a view of it, and how to deal with it. We have shared a productive time. 

KIFA English class on September 30

Theme:The Netherlands also known as Holland


The content of the lecture was introducing of the Netherlands from a wide point of view, for instance the historical background of the country and the relationship with Japan, the feature of the land such as polders, canals, boat houses, the number of the pump-stations and so on, the food culture such as dairy products and the relationship with people’s physique, major enterprises such as Shell, Phillips, Heineken and famous artists such as VAN GOGH, REMBRANT, VERMEER. The limited lecture time that was two hours was passed through fast due to the positive question and answer sessions from the many participants. All of the participants must be more interested in the Netherlands than before.

KIFA English class for Kids on July 25 & 26

kids English

It was overcast and rainy, when we held the 'KIFA English class for kids', with ALTs ( Assistant Language Teachers). In spite of the weather, it really warmed our hearts learning English all together. The teachers managed their class very well, using a method that appeals to kids. It's a shame not to be able to see the lovely kids till next summer vacation. In the meantime, we keep in mind this wonderful time, looking forward to seeing them again.

KIFA English class on July 9

Theme:“Leadership Lessons from the U.S. Army”

roger-a - バージョン 2

What a surprise! A man in military camouflage clothing suddenly appeared from the back door behind us. In the midst of participants' excitement, the lecturer's presentation started. The video he showed us was mainly about US military life that he had spent for 27 years as a senior officer. His experience was consequently helpful for him to be a life consultant. His teaching seems to aim at creating a happier and more successful life. Firstly, we have to know specifically what we really want or do not want, then make a practical plan to reach a goal. To illustrate his point, he quoted Benjamin Franklin, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." All participants enjoyed the presentation and appreciated the lecturer very much. We learned a little about Coaching and hope to make a good use of it.

KIFA English class on May 20

Theme:Get to know Malaysia


On a hot day like one in summer, we had an opportunity to get to know Malaysia with a Malaysian young scientist who works at a Japanese company as a researcher. He gave us an honest and open lecture about Malaysia, including topics such as its race, religion, culture and eating habits. As we discovered some of these facts for the first time, we enjoyed the talk very much. In addition, the lecturer brought for us the sweets he had made himself and served it during the break. Such a lovely surprise! After his lecture, there were so many questions, which showed the interest his audience had. While picturing Malaysia, a multicultural country rich in nature, we could not help but be attracted by the scenery in the photos we saw throughout the lecture. We spent a rewarding afternoon together.

KIFA English Class for beginners on Feb. 25


More people than we had expected attended this class. Our teacher, an expert on teaching English, motivated and relaxed them by saying "Don't be shy" and "Don't stop trying to talk even though using gestures". Thanks to it, most of them enjoyed practicing English conversation each other. Their questionnaires say that all of them enjoyed studying English and some are looking forward to having the next class.

Kisarazu Tour Guide Training Course on Oct. 2 & 16


Our lecturer gave us a basic orientation about tour guides on the first day. Two weeks afterward at Odayama Park, we practiced what we had learned from the first day. Each one of the participants practiced giving a tour guide for one of three tourist spots: Old Anzai Family House, Kimisarazu tower, and the panoramic view of the city. They all performed an impassioned practice guide for their chosen places, and it was interesting to hear quite different guidance even for the same place. At the end, the lecturer gave his comment on their guidance, which was quite positive and specific. All of them did their best and were motivated to study through this course.

KIFA English class on August 27


We were fascinated with a lot of photos of “Germany-then and now” focused on a small village called Mekenheim in south east of Germany. Our lecturer had spent very happy childhood there in 1960s. At that time many people in the small village had a mostly self-sustained life, which required them to work hard and yet lead a full life. Since then a half century has passed, and the country life style has changed dramatically, especially in farming with an introduction of mechanized devices. But her home town being a small village has kept its natural beauty. To our surprise, we were served a homemade German plum cake “Zwetschgenkuchen” at tea break.
Everybody enjoyed it and were grateful to her and her husband, a great collaborator, for the interesting lecture and delicious cake.”

KIFA English class for Kids on July 21 & 22


22 kids aged 6 to 12 learned English from two enthusiastic teachers . Some kids looked like getting nervous to start with , but soon began to relax through songs, games, etc. We really appreciate their sincere efforts made for the kids.

KIFA English class on June 26

Theme:Incredible India-Honto?


This lecture contained the variety of languages, mathematics, information technology, yoga, meditation, Indian Caste system, and religions, which amazed the participants as per the Theme, Incredible India. In reply to the request by some attendees who want to know more about India, we'd like to hold the session like that again. Looking forward to having many participants attend.

Begginners English 2016 on May 22 & 29


We practiced self-introduction and learned how to maintain the conversation. Then we asked each other about our everyday life.
We also learned expressions of positions and directions. Practice makes perfect.

KIFA English class on Feb. 7

Theme:4 major sports in America


He gave us a lecture on 4 major sports in America: baseball, basketball, football and ice hockey. Rules and history of each sports interested us a lot, so we listened attentively. And the pop quiz he prepared for each sports made the lecture more entertaining and easy to understand. It was such a fun to see him quickly change his clothes to his favorite teams’ uniform like a magic show. We all had an amazing time and learned a lot from his lecture.

Homestay on Jan. 23, 24

homestay winter

We accepted a total of 18 foreign exchange students from Chiba University. The students and the host families enjoyed the game called Chinese whispers at the meeting ceremony and we took photos at the end of the ceremony. I'm sure that the all students had great two days with their host families.

English beginners classⅡon Jan. 30, 2016


We enjoyed role-playing, how to guide in easy English this time. What's the next subject ? We can't wait for the next class in March!

English beginners class on Nov. 21 & 28

English beginners

The theme of this workshop was “Hospitality in plain English for Tokyo Olympic 2020.” The 36 participants enjoyed it very much !

KIFA English class on Oct 18

Theme:The culture of India


We appreciated the culture of India. This class was a good chance to know it. We realized Indian cows are different from other countries' cows. We learned a lot. We really thank the speakers.

KIFA English class on Sep.19

Theme:Photographing Japanese nature and countryside


It was very interesting talk indeed. We learned a lot of things about Japanese nature and countryside from the talented lecturer this time. The photos were so beautiful and impressive. His career was also interesting. We respect him.

KIFA English class on Aug.22

Theme:My 4 years stay in Ethiopia


We enjoyed today's lecture on his four years experience of rendering agricaltural support to Ethiopia with NERICA RICE (New Rice for Africa). Ethiopian serve coffee to guests with burning aroma tree. Surprisingly they bow in greeting and treat foreigners from their poor pockets just like Japanese!

KIFA English class for Kids on July 22 & 23

Kids English B
Kids English A

The best teachers in Kisarazu taught kids English. The kids enjoyed it and their parents looked very happy.

Homestay on July 11&12


We accepted a total of 14 foreign exchange students - 11 from Chiba University and 3 from the Kisarazu National Institute of Technology. This year, The students and their host families all met up in front of Kisarazu Station and went to Yatsurugi Hachiman Shrine to enjoy the festival there. It was a good way to learn about the culture of Japanese festivals, and to see one of the largest “Ohmikoshi” (Large Portable Shrine) in the Kanto area. The exchange students were very excited to see the Portable Shrine and everyone was taking many pictures - not only the students, but the host families and staff too! Everyone had a great time together and it was a great experience that everyone will treasure for a long time.

KIFA English class on June 22, 2015


He talked about baseball and showed us his large baseball collections.The following is the comments from the participants.
"I'm not familiar with the baseball, but I enjoyed his story very much. "
" I'm very astonished that he had a lot of autographs of baseball players"

KIFA English class on March 8, 2015


The lecturer talked on Special Education for the Special Children and Youth. The following is one of the comments from the participants. "I've been working at a special support school for a long time. I think we have a lot of difficulties in special needs education. Today's topic was really good for me."

Homestay on January 17,18, 2015


Some international students of Chiba University stayed with Kisarazu residents for 2 days. The students met their host families at Chuo Community center, and they played a game called STREAMS. The students and host families communicated naturally.
They said that they had a wonderful time with their host families.

KIFA English class on September 28


The lecturer from Oklahoma introduced the history and some singers of American country music. I was interested that trucks and trains are often themes of country music.

Homestay on July 5,6


Some international students of Chiba university and Kisarazu technical college stayed with Kisarazu residents for 2 days. The students were very polite. They’re willing to learn Japanese culture. The happy memories will last forever.

KIFA English class for KIds on July 24 & 25

2014otis); &show(fred-1.jpg,2014fred

We had the 15th annual event of "KIFA English class for Kids” this summer. 30 children, aged 5 to 8, really enjoyed learning English from passionate Kisarazu ALTs, while singing, dancing and playing games. A relatively small class size helped children be relaxed and focus on English learning. At the end of the event, they all loved the event and were looking forward to the next event.

KIFA English class on June 29


We were introduced to a brief history of old and modern English literature. We also talked about Japanese literature. I was interested to learn about the archaic Anglo-Saxon language, although it was too difficult for me. I want to read some of the books that the lecturer and the other participants introduced.

KIFA English class on Feb. 22


According to his talk, Ghana’s sanitation is very bad. It causes many diseases and high infant death rate. He was very impressed with Japanese rubbish collecting system. He would like to introduce this system to Ghana. There were many questions about the lecture. We enjoyed it very much !

KIFA English class on Dec. 14, 2013


The lecturer talked about Pompei, Italian festivals, Italian food, Italian people and so on. I think I must go to Italy as soon as possible.

KIFA English class on Nov. 30, 2013


Do you know Capoeira? It looked like dancing, but it's a Brazilian martial art. The lecturer talked about Martial Arts today.
What's the most interesting and coolest one? Of course, Iaido is.

KIFA English class for Kids on July 24 & 25

Kids English

Kids from 5 to 10 years olds enjoyed English. Japan is globalizing, so KIFA is trying to make opportunities for kids to have fun with English speakers.

KIFA English class on May 25


The lecturer says that Nigeria is a tourist and investment haven.

Korean beginners class on April 7, 14, 21


We learned everyday conversation in Korean. An-nyung-ha-se-yo. (Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.) On the last day we had a small party. We chatted over Korean dishes. They were delicious!

KIFA English class on Jan. 26


We didn't know where he was from and he had worked. He gave us hints so that we could guess the countries. The answers are that he was from Scotland and he worked in England, Ireland, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Norway and South Korea. Now he works in Japan.

KIFA English class on Nov. 18


He gave us some tips on learning English.

English Introduction Course 2012


15 people on average attended this English course. They brushed up their English starting with easy, simple sentences. They also had a relaxed time of word puzzles, games and group talking. Some people were enjoying chatting with their teache just after finishing each lesson.

Malaysians visited Kisarazu from Sep. 28 to Oct. 5.


Students from Malaysia had a good time with Japanese families. They also visited Kisarazu National College of Technology, Kiyomidai kindergarten and Kazusa DNA Res. Inst.

KIFA English class in June


I was impressed he knew about ghosts and monsters, even Japanese ones. We also created new monsters and showed them each other. It was so interesting.

KIFA English class in March

 I wanted to know the welfare system in the UK. This lecture gave an answer to it.
  "A mother of nine children could receive almost £30,000 in benefits."
  "Even millionaires get child benefit!"
  "Those receiving a pension, on average, get £102 a week."
    Hmm・・・very interesting.

KIFA English class in Feb.


Our stereotypes about Colombia changed after we listened to this lecture. The people are easygoing, the weather is mild, there are lots of festivals and so on. It sounds an attractive place, though there are some problems.

Homestay on January 21 and 22


Chiba University students from abroad stayed with Japanese families in Kisarazu.
Q.Where are they from?
A.China, USA, canada, Germany, Thailand, Hungary, Finland, India
Q. Any comments from the host families?
A.I was glad he played with my children.
  I was impressed he spoke Japanese with all his might.
  I was worried about my family's health condition as it was cold.

Jamaican cooking class in Nov.

Jamaican cooking

KIFA had a Jamaican cooking class at Kisarazu chuo community center. Our teachers from Jamaica, taught us how to cook traditional Jamaican cooking simply. We enjoyed learning English as well as lovely colorful dishes.

English beginners class on Sep.24, Oct 1 and 8.

English beginners class

KIFA made an English begginers club after this class so that the participants can keep studying with the teacher. It was difficult for some participants, but one of them said that he decided to join the club. He wants to tarvel in English at least once. Others enjoyed practicing English with other participants and singing.

Homestay on July 2 and 3

2011.July. Homestay

12 college students from abroad stayed with Japanese families in Kisarazu.
Q.Where are they from?
A.Ethiopia, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mongolia

Q.What did they do with their host families?
A.They had food parties, demonstrated their country's cooking, spent time chatting, and sightseeing ( Kururi Castle, Kisarazu City Tour, Aqua Line, Tokyo German village, Kamogawa Sea World, Nokogiri Mountain, Sakuma Dam Park, Hishikawa Moronobu Museum, etc.)
Q,What were some comments from the host families?
A.We enjoyed talking in Japanese.
  We can always find something new.
  We wish it had not been so hot.
  The student was polite.
  The student was very family minded.
  We learned the culture and the home style cooking of the student's country.    

KIFA English class in June


I got new information such as each state has its own license plate and quarter design. Thank him for speaking plain English slowly so I understood his story very well.

KIFA English class in March


The lecture talked about Iran and played the santoor. The mellow sound of the santoor was very fascinating.

KIFA English class in Feb.

2011Bekka Jion

The American novelist and artist visited Kisarazu city on Saturday
Feb 19th to give us KIFA‘s English Lecture. We enjoyed having his interesting lecture about Minnesota and his novel "The Touch of Our Sleeves-The Shrines of Chiba Prefecture". After his lecture, his autograph session was held.

Homestay on Jan. 15 and 16


19 college students from abroad stayed with Japanese families in Kisarazu.
Q.Where are they from?
A.China, Egypt, Indonesia, Finland, Canada, Germany, Syria, Thailand, Hungary, Russia

Q.What did they do with their host families?
A.sightseeing, grocery shopping, karaoke, wearing Kimono, spinning tops,displaying dolls for the Girl's Festival, cooking, chatting
Q.What did they eat with the families?
A.Tempura, handmade Sushi rolls, Okonomiyaki, Miso soup, Pickled ume, etc.

KIFA English class in Jan.

Ibrahima Drame

The lecturer from Senegal talked about his country.
His intelligence impressed us. He broadened our horizons.

An ALT taught us English in Nov.


We practiced the following situational conversations.

  • at customs
  • at a cafe and a restraurant
  • in a taxi and on a bus

We learned about Ghana in Oct.


It was very interesting.
Ghanaian life sounds wonderful.
I want to go to Ghana and eat raw cacaos.


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